Lizard Path

In 1778 the vineyard was sold to two private individuals. They divided it into individual plots, which they sold or leased to the nobility and the upper middle class. In order to be able to cultivate the plots, access roads were necessary. One of them was the lizard path. It was laid out as a spur road from Weinbergstraße between houses No. 25 and 27, turning westward after a few meters (Gelber Weg). Around 1900, the path was extended before turning southward to Frankfurter Chaussee ( Red Path). Thus, another connection was created from the Südstadt via the Weinberg to the Wilhelmshöher Allee and the Oberneustadt.


The Second World War had also left its mark on the vineyard. The grounds of the Henschel family were taken over by the city of Kassel in 1959. The Villa Henschel was destroyed down to the foundation walls. The valet's house, number 25 was in such a bad condition that it was ordered to be demolished. House of the servants No. 27, was expanded after a competition for the Museum of Sepulcral Culture and extended with an annex to the east. This overbuilt the confluence of Eidechsenweg and Weinbergstraße. With the construction of the residential home, access roads and fire department access roads became necessary to the south and north of the site (green routes). The northern one, as a ramp road, stands on piles above the original Eidechsenweg, while the southern one connects to Frankfurter Straße at the site of the extended Eidechsenweg.