Rondell & Rampe

At the end of the 17th century, to accommodate French refugees, the Upper New Town was founded outside the city fortifications. Thus, an extension of the city fortification to the south-west of the old one became necessary. It ran across the eastern part of the vineyard. This traffic circle is one of the last preserved testimonies of it. In the course of the creation of the Henschel Garden, it was upgraded with an ornate railing, a pergola and the iron gate to the ramp. The large ramp leading to Frankfurter Strasse runs along the partially demolished old city fortifications. The Freundeskreis Historischer Weinberg Kassel eV contributed to the restoration of this gem by raising funds in several campaigns. The historic railing was provided with a stainless steel construction to secure it and bring it into line with today's regulations. The paving was extensively renewed. At the ramp, the covering of the brick wall was renewed, the railing was renovated to be safe for traffic. The pavement of the path was restored to a walkable condition.