Vineyard Entrance at the Frankfurter Straße

At the beginning of the 21st century, the task had been set to make Kassel's garden cultural monument Weinberg freely accessible to the public as a whole but also directly from the southern part of the city, Frankfurter Straße. This required extensive work on access and traffic safety. The chairwoman of the Friends of the Historic Vineyard Kassel eV and then head of the garden department Regula Maria Ohlmeier had won 15 regional companies to contribute to the vineyard restoration for a total of 160,000 euros. As a sign of thanks and recognition, a corresponding plaque was placed at the entrance. The desired goal was for the work to be completed in time for the opening of documenta 13, as the Argentine artist Adriàn Villar Rojas wanted to present his monumental sculpture show "Return the world" on the vineyard.