The historic Henschelbrunnen

The historic Henschelbrunnen was built in 1870 and completely destroyed during the Second World War. Only fragments of the Villa Henschel on Kassel's Weinberg remained. After the Second World War, the grass had literally grown over the remains of the fountain's walls. After lying dormant for almost 75 years, it was only in the course of the work on the vineyard and the construction of Grimmwelt that the gem came back into focus. In the past, the fountain and the old greenhouses on the vineyard terraces were supplied via pipes from the villa; parts of the pipes were found during construction work. In time for the opening of documenta 14 in 2017, the new staircase in Murhardpark and the renovated fountain in Henschelgarten were completed on the vineyard site. The historic fountain complex south of Grimmwelt, popularly known as the "Sleeping Beauty Staircase and Frog King Fountain", could now finally be renovated after decades. This was made possible by a generous donation from the SV Sparkassen Versicherung Brandkasse Kassel and support from the Freundeskreis Historischer Weinberg Kassel e.V. With the help of the donations, the railings and other metalwork were financed. The project was actively supported by a work group of the Kommunale Arbeitsförderung, which did the paving and masonry work. The well now draws its water from an underground cistern. In this way, a water circuit was established. In addition, the technology was completely renewed.